i love you because…

The love I have for this amazing woman is the same I shared for my mother!  And I guess in many ways she is the closest I have to a mother…for this wonderful woman, is my Tia Pelusa, my mothers sister.  My Tia is the perfect evidence that blood is thicker than water!  She proves that although I may not have grown up near her, I was always a part of her.

While I don’t wish to reveal my age (it may or may not start with a 4), I would be lucky to have spent collectively a total of 18 months of my life with this beautiful woman…yet the bond we share is closer than many who may have spent a lifetime together.  It had been 19 years since I had last seen her…and yet I felt like I was coming home.  My Tia has this special talent of making me feel so loved.  “What’s your favourite food?” she asked…”What do you wish you could eat right now?” she asked…and just like that, it was in front of me ready to eat!

your love is unconditional

My tia loves me…for me…her love is unconditional!

When I’d wake up with puffy eyes and matted hair, she would tell me I looked beautiful…when I felt silly and confused because I didn’t understand something, she would tell me how smart I was…when I’d complain because someone was rude to me, she would instantly defend me…even if I was wrong…no matter what, she would always take my side!  In her eyes, I could do no wrong.

My Tia is a powerful woman and someone I look up to.  She is someone who always has the best intentions.

I would sit for hours with her…looking over old photos and listening to her stories…many of which involved family members I only knew by name.  I especially loved listening to stories that involved my mother.  Her stories always made me laugh…and many made me cry!  But I always knew they were filled with warmth and genuine love.

I know that my mothers best friend was her sister…and for that, I will always love my Tia.


My Tia is someone I will always want on my side.

~ I dedicate this to my Tia – Maria Luisa Bernasconi

i love you because…

There are many amazing people in the world!  Strong people!  Soldiers that just keep on going, no matter what sh*t life throws at them.  You know the ones…they find strength at a time when many would give up…they can juggle everything and still manage to keep everyone happy and with a smile on their face.  When others crumble, they just shrug their shoulders and say “what can you do…”.  I am proud to say that my beautiful cousin Monica is one of these people…and what makes it even more powerful, is that she doesn’t even know how beautiful she is.

My family reunion continued as I made my way across the Atlantic Ocean and into Uruguay.  The last time I had visited was 19 years ago…the year after my mother had passed away.  Although I found myself once again not knowing what awaited me, I was quickly reassured by my cousins warm embrace.  And with that, we picked up from where we had left off, 19 years of separation…erased…just like that.

you’re stronger than you know.

I know I am a better person for having my cousin Monica in my life.  She has shown me what it means to love unconditionally.  And while she may not be rich…she is far more wealthier than any person I know.  She is always surrounded by her family, good friends and even strangers find themselves drawn to her.  She can turn any bad day upside down and leave you wondering why you were ever upset to start with.  She makes you realise that life is great and worth living!

I have the utmost respect for my cousin.  Every challenge that life has thrown at her has made her stronger.  She is a wonderful mother, daughter, friend and a far too good of a wife for her husband (sorry Checho, but we all know you are punching above your weight 🙂 xx).  Although our time together went way to quickly, my cousin is always in my heart.

If I can be half the woman she is, I would be very proud!

~ I dedicate this to my Cousin – Monica Victoria Allidi


i love you because…

I had decided to finally make the long overdue trip to visit my family.  It had been over 24 years since I had last seen my Cousin now living in Vienna.  My mother would tell us stories of him that were always full of love and laughter and while my Cousin was known as the ‘troubled one’ of the family, I know she had a soft spot for him.  I grew up knowing that while we were oceans apart from our family, they were always close at heart!
I had finally landed and was making my way out of the airport.  Although I was super excited, a small part of me was a little apprehensive as I was not sure what I would find.  My Cousin now had his own family…he was married to a beautiful woman who I had only seen in photos, he had two children and he had planted his roots well and truely in Vienna.  I would be a mere stranger to him and his family.  Would I be getting in their way?  Had too much time gone by?  Would he even remember who I was?  What if we didn’t recognise each other?  And then, as I struggled, pushing my suitcases around the corner…I saw him.

you welcomed me with open arms.

Instantly I felt a connection…the excitement in his step as he made his way around to me gave me all the reassurance I needed to know I had made the right decision to visit.  He welcomed me with open arms, and gave me the warmest, tightest and most comforting embrace.  At that moment I knew we had a bond that no matter how much time had passed it couldn’t be broken!
Over the next week, I went on to meet his beautiful family and some of his friends.  We spend every day together.  He opened his heart and showed me a small part of his life.  We laughed until we cried, we drank coffee, we walked, we talked…and he gave me the greatest gift of all…his Time.
It was obvious why he had finally settle in Vienna.  He was truely happy!
~ I dedicate this to my Cousin – Gustavo Allidi-Bernasconi.