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True story No. 3…Tia Pelu

i love you because… The love I have for this amazing woman is the same I shared for my mother!  And I guess in many ways she is the closest I have to a mother…for this wonderful woman, is my Tia Pelusa, my mothers sister.  My Tia is the perfect evidence that blood is thicker […]

True story No. 2…Monica

i love you because… There are many amazing people in the world!  Strong people!  Soldiers that just keep on going, no matter what sh*t life throws at them.  You know the ones…they find strength at a time when many would give up…they can juggle everything and still manage to keep everyone happy and with a […]

True story No. 1…Gus

i love you because… I had decided to finally make the long overdue trip to visit my family.  It had been over 24 years since I had last seen my Cousin now living in Vienna.  My mother would tell us stories of him that were always full of love and laughter and while my Cousin was […]

How important is planning?

Planning is the key You’ve finally made the decision to give that someone special a personalised gift…Congratulations.  Now the fun part begins.  Never before has the joy of giving been so rewarding for both the giver of a gift and the receiver of the gift. Much like all good things, taking a little bit of […]


365BECAUSE… 365Because has been a dream of mine for many years.  Now I finally share the joy that I experienced, with you. The idea for 365Because grew when I was searching for the perfect gift to give my sister.  Now she was someone who had everything and needed for nothing…she was someone with expensive taste […]